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Better Architecture Better Everything

Find out how to make your Unity code better.

Dan Violet Sagmiller has become a world recognized expert in Unity 3D Architecture, through speaking, training, and upgrading project standards. 

As a developer, use our free resources to become a better developer now, or hire us for some direct developer training. 

As a business, let us observe and develop strategies to improve your project's performance, ability for growth, improve long term maintenance and win milestones.

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Some Background

Architecture is a science and an art that has driven Dan Violet Sagmiller for over 25 years. About a decade ago, he switched to Unity as his primary system. Unity introduced a large series of unique challenges to architectural standards enjoyed by many, as the bread and butter of flexible, maintainable code.
Driven by a passion in architecture, Dan created the popular 2017 talk on how to use SOLID in Unity. He has taught individuals and companies better coding practices. And he is currently working with Unity on the next generation of Unity Architecture.

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